Common SEO Myths You Should Never Believe

So many SEO myths exist, companies can easily find themselves in serious marketing trouble if the time to research and learn isn’t taken. In fact, it is the myths and complexity of SEO that urges many business owners to use the services offered by professional agencies. Check out some of the common SEO myths in the list below and avoid them at all costs, even if that requires use of a professional phoenix seo agency.

Myth: Keywords are no Longer Relevant

Far too many people think that keywords are no longer important after the Hummingbird update, but this simply isn’t true. While Google has changed the way their bots examine websites, keywords are still an important role in the elevation. Professionals like Digital Current agree that you should always use relevant keywords in all of your content to improve SEO ranking.

Myth: Meta Tags Don’t Matter

It’s also a common myth to suggest that meta tags no longer matter. Meta tags are still indexed by Google! Again, the relevance of importance changes with Google, but meta tags nonetheless benefit your website optimization and the audience who finds your website and social media pages.

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Myth: Links Don’t Matter

The more links within your content, the better. Google sees links as popularity in the algorithm game. Link to high-ranking, authoritative websites, exchanging backlinks whenever possible. Links can help your SEO results tremendously!

Myth: All SEO Companies are the Same

If you decide that a professional expert is best to optimize your website, never hire the first name that comes along. Research is imperative in finding a worthwhile company who prides itself on superior work who’s also working for you. Take the time to do your homework and get what you need in this company.