Tips For Taking Care Of Ponds And Lakes

Ponds and lakes around the area of your home are great ways to help the environment and wildlife.  When we think of a pond most of us will see it as a body of water to avoid or to visit and listen to frogs and catch fish.  However, a pond or other body of water is very cortical to the environment and needs to be cared for in order to prosper and flourish.  When it comes to lake management, we all need to do our part.

lake management

Weed and algae control

Ponds are living ecosystems.  Below the surface of the water you will have a whole unseen world.  One of the worlds that needs to thrive are weeds and algae.  Weeds and algae are food sources and hiding places for other forms of life.  Fish will eat algae and make their homes in weeds.  However, if the weeds and algae expand too much or die off, this will change the environment of the water. 

Water quality

It is very important to maintain the quality of the water.  This means that we need to make sure bacteria levels are steady, that the fish and other wildlife are not becoming overpopulated, and if other invasive species are not taking a foothold in the environment that we don’t want there.

To help maintain water quality you want to refrain from dumping chemicals into the water either purposely or by accident.  You want to keep trash and those who use the lake or water source in legal compliance with fishing and swimming laws.

Maintaining and or failure to maintain a water source will have drastic consequences on our environments and our world as a whole.  When we start to make changes in our environment it can have a domino effect that can be positive or negative.  Make sure that everything you do is done correctly.